Dental implants can improve your appearance, self-confidence, and give you new peace of mind. They look and feel similar to natural teeth, and the securely attached implant can give you the confidence of eating what you like, speaking easily and clearly, and new sense of security.

Dental implants are well accepted in the body. It is the most fascinating research in dentistry. Dental implant replaces the root of the tooth in the bone and on this implant the crown, denture or other prosthesis is fixed on or attached. There are many designs of implants of which the root form design is most widely accepted. They come in different dimensions to fit into various bone dimensions.

Dental implants do not change its shape, form and properties while it is in the bone.

How do dental implants work? A screw driven into wood by a carpenter remains firmly secure in the wood even though it does not fuse with wood. Dental implants remain firm and secure in the bone and also integrate with the bone meaning the bone and implant become one piece and part of the body replacing the root.

How long do they last... Dental implants remain inert while it is in the bone. The body changes with age so also the bone and gums around the implant just like natural teeth. These changes make it look as though the implant is having a problem, actually the other way is true. Regular 3 monthly check ups and maintenance by the receiver and professional enhances the durability and service of the implant just like natural teeth. Dental implants do not have nerve supply or blood supply and hence make it relatively trouble free. Inconsistent maintenance can lead to inflammation of the gums and the bones around the implant collar which needs to be attended to like your natural teeth. Certain medical ailments like uncontrolled diabetes, liver ailments, etc. do affect the supporting structures around the implant. Smoking and liquor intake may adversely affect the implant.

Dental Implants can last for a life time or atleast 15-20 yrs. Dental implants are very versatile. The connections above the implant can be changed and converted to make different prosthesis over them from time to time.

Can Dental implants fail? Implant failure is considered after the implant is fully integrated with the bone and is in full function and then comes out or has to be removed. Yes they can, just like any other treatment with the body. The good part is that surveys in the USA shows very high success rates. Any implant that does not integrate during the healing period is replaceable free of cost. If the receiver would not like to receive a fresh implant replacement, he/she may give it to any person and the procedure will be done free of cost. The percentage of such a situation arising is negligible in comparison to the huge success it has around the world.

Dental implant centre takes the responsibility of proper treatment planning and counselling as regards to the above report. All in all, Dental implants are here to stay and it is indeed a life changing experience. No more grinding of natural teeth to get fixed teeth. No more loose dentures.

Implant supported complete dentures within 24 Hours! The implants hold the dentures firmly in its place and the patient can remove the dentures whenever he desires. There is no need to take off the dentures everyday as in conventional treatment.