Single Implant

A 35 yr old dance teacher reported with a broken front tooth. A root canal treatment was being done elsewhere that was not responding to the treatment. Patient was referred to us. On examination we found that the tooth would not survive with root canal treatment. The tooth was extracted and implant placed immediately in the same sitting. After 4 months the implant prosthesis was completed with a zirconia metal free crown. Extensive care was taken to reproduce the gum line above the implant crown.

A young 18yr old girl, whose father is a mason, reported with a severely decayed right front tooth and a left front broken tooth. The tooth was extracted and implant placed. After six months the implant crown was fixed taking utmost care to give a good gum line that looks natural. The broken tooth on the left was filled and restored to its original giving an acceptable result. Extensive care was taken to reproduce the gum line above the implant crown.

Multiple Fixed Implant

A 62 yr old man based in the UK, reported with left upper missing teeth and a gap in the middle. Implants were placed and after six months the implants were restored with a metal free bridge after manipulations to cover up the middle gap and give the desired results.

A Retired officer had lower right side teeth missing. Three implants were placed and the implants restored after three months giving him fixed teeth and comfortable and effective mastication.

Complete Fixed

A 65yr old lady, retired nurse, reported with a falling front bridge, and no back teeth, after proper treatment planning, the patient opted for full fixed upper implant bridge. Implants were placed and temporary teeth were made to give her an interim prosthesis after the healing period full fixed bridge was placed on the implants giving the patient fixed prosthesis, the prosthesis is in 5yrs function with no undesirable effects.

A 55 yr old man in business, reported with periodontally diseased teeth, he was advised to extract all lower teeth and place implants. The patient reported back after 2 yrs, having done bone grafting procedures at another surgery, which was failing. After following all investigatory process this patient finally decided to go in for implants. All teeth were extracted and implants placed and as always an interim prosthesis delivered. The implants were fully restored with metal free porcelain and the desired results were achieved.

Semi-Fixed/Detachable Denture

A 50 yr old patient a driver, reported with all missing lower teeth wanting a strong denture. Implants were placed and denture delivered the same day giving the patient teeth in a few days.

A 65yr old patient very reluctantly inquired about denture for himself after we finished his wife's implant treatment, He was told by a couple of dentists in the UK and Goa that he could not be helped. His issues were gagging with dentures, uncomfortable denture, no smile as his teeth could not be seen, struggling to eat. After complete study and CT Scans and X-rays, a reasonably good treatment plan was offered explaining the chances of failure as well. After his consent we went ahead and successfully restored his teeth for him and has made a world of difference to his confidence and eating ability.